How To Properly Store Antiques and Heirlooms

Antiques and family heirlooms are special belongings you want to keep around for as long as possible. As they get older, they require more care and consideration and become more fragile over time. If you find yourself storing your antiques and heirlooms in a self storage unit, it is essential that you store them properly…
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How To Have the Best Garage Sale Ever

Sometimes you might look around your house and realize you’re surrounded by a bunch of things you no longer need or use. However, just because you’re done with these items doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t love to lounge on that sofa or hang that artwork on their walls. Setting up a garage sale can be…
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An Expert’s Guide to Huntsville, AL

Huntsville recently grew to the largest city in Alabama. Along with its recent growth, it has a thriving culture, an industrial core rooted in high technology, several premier educational institutions, and many parks within the city limits. With all of these aspects supporting the city, it should come as no surprise that Huntsville was ranked…
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Things To Know When Moving to Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR, the state capital, is tucked between the west gulf plain, the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, and the Ouachita mountains. Sitting south of the Arkansas River, the city derives its name from a small rock formation found on the bank of the river by a French explorer. Originally, the stone formation was used as…
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7 Fun Facts About Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama is a song that most readers will probably know by heart. It is an anthem to Alabama and the South in a way that only those who love their home can write. And throughout the years, the song has become what most people think about when thinking about Alabama. Yet, there is…
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Fun Things To Do In Augusta, GA

  Are you a new or soon-to-be resident of Augusta, GA, looking to see what your new home has to offer for fun and recreation? Or are you a longtime resident looking for new things to discover? If either of these statements holds true for you, StoreEase has some suggestions for fun things to do…
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Skyline of Augusta, GA, at dusk along the Savannah river


Are you a new or soon-to-be resident of Augusta, GA, looking to see what your new home has to offer for fun and recreation? Or are you a longtime resident looking for new things to discover? If either of these statements holds true for you, StoreEase has some suggestions for fun things to do in Augusta, GA!

Indoor Attractions

Do you have a curiosity (or perhaps a love) of history? The Augusta Museum of History may be the place for you! Learn about the history of Augusta, explore local legends, discover the history of golf and its impact on Augusta, and so much more. This is a perfect spot to learn more about the city you live in regardless of whether you are just moving to Augusta, GA, or you are a longtime resident.

Perhaps you are a busy parent looking for fun things to do in Augusta, GA, for kids. If this describes you, you may want to pay a visit to the Imagination Station Children’s Museum of Augusta, GA. This museum provides a variety of activities designed to help your child(ren) learn and grow in a variety of skills, from art to literacy to mechanics and design. Take the kids out for a day of fun that doubles as an educational opportunity!

As a city rich in history, Augusta is also the location of the boyhood home of Woodrow Wilson. Visitors can learn about the 28th president’s life growing up in Georgia during the Civil War, the Reconstruction era, and his time as Commander in Chief during World War I.

Beautiful architecture of the Sacred Heart Cultural Center and Church in Augusta, GA

Outdoor Activities

Those who are more inclined to outdoor activities absolutely must explore the Augusta Riverwalk, which spans the distance between Sixth and 10th streets in downtown Augusta along the Savannah River.

Visitors can enjoy a scenic walk along the river and can also discover several smaller venues with their own sights to offer. Different venues also play host to their own events, such as the Candlelight Jazz Series held at the Eighth Street Plaza and Bulkhead every Sunday from May through August.

If you’re someone with an interest in Golf, then you should definitely pay a visit to one of the many golf venues in Augusta, GA. Augusta is known worldwide for golf, as it is the home of the Augusta National Golf Club, which hosts the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament. If golf is your sport, then playing a round in Augusta is an absolute must.

Perhaps you like to spend quiet days in nature. In that case, take a stroll through the Forks Area Trail System, which offers a total of 37 miles of trails for hiking or mountain bike riding for all levels of hikers and bikers. Climb higher elevations for panoramic views and discover all manner of wildlife that calls these forests and trails home.

Fairway and green at Forest Hills golf course in Augusta, GA

Food and Nightlife

If you enjoy a bite out or a night on the town, Augusta also has you covered. Stop into Doc’s Porchside, where you can grab a bite to eat and catch live music on specified days of the month.

Perhaps you are looking for a more mature, upscale night out on the town. In that case, the Augusta Cigar Club may be the place for you. Boasting premium cigars and spirits, the Augusta Cigar Club offers a sophisticated experience with special events throughout the month.

Looking for a mature experience but not a fan of smoking? Then Cork & Flame may be more to your taste. Featuring a fine upscale dining experience, Cork & Flame also offers winemakers’ dinners, where guests can engage with winemakers from around the world and sample various wines from all around the globe. 

Those with a flair for the fine arts will definitely want to pay a visit to the Imperial Theater, another of Augusta’s historical locations. Opened in 1918, the theater was originally home to Vaudeville shows and photoplays. It continues to offer entertainment to the area to this day, featuring ballets, Broadway plays and musicals, concerts, and more.

Live Comfortably in Augusta, GA

If you’re just moving to Augusta, you will inevitably need somewhere to store your belongings as you settle into your new home. Thankfully, StoreEase has you covered with self storage in Augusta, GA. StoreEase offers a number of convenient features, such as month-to-month financing (meaning you can rent storage space for as much or as little time as you need), climate-controlled storage, and cutting-edge security utilizing smart technology, StoreEase provides you with the space you need.

Instead of filling your new home with boxes that you have to continuously navigate around, store your belongings with StoreEase and unpack them at your convenience without the stress of boxes and furniture being in your way until you need them. If the question is, “Should I move to Augusta, GA?” the answer is a resounding “Yes!” when you consider the rich history, numerous attractions, and convenient storage methods available to residents of Augusta, GA.


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