5 Reasons to Consider Renting a Climate Controlled Unit

What is climate controlled storage? 

storage facility hallway with indoor storage units on both sides

Climate controlled storage units are a form of self storage with a self-regulating environment that you can set, meaning it has temperature control, humidity control, and ventilation. This type of storage unit is useful in protecting the integrity and lifespan of your belongings and is even available for car storage at certain facilities.

StoreEase understands why you might not be chomping at the bit to put a lot of your precious items away in storage, for fear that they might depreciate or become damaged while you’re away. That’s why we put together a brief introduction to the benefits of climate controlled units and why you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in good hands with this convenient option.

1. Climate Controlled Units Protect Your Temperature-Sensitive Items

A lot of the belongings you are storing are temperature sensitive, so your self storage unit should be, too. With a temperature and humidity regulating system, you can be sure that your self storage unit is kept at consistent temperatures year-round so your wine doesn’t spoil and your plastics don’t melt.

Some of the items that are best stored in a climate controlled storage unit include:

  • Electronics
  • Wooden furniture
  • Musical instruments
  • Books
  • And More

2. Climate Controlled Storage Preserves Longevity

The ultimate purpose of climate controlled storage is to preserve the life of the sensitive belongings you store inside. Different items and appliances may react adversely when left exposed to the elements and natural environmental changes. When you store your belongings in a climate controlled unit, they will be exposed to better air quality and temperature than they would if stored in a standard unit, which will help keep them in the same condition throughout your storage rental period.

3. Climate Controlled Units Help Prevent Mold & Mildew 

One of the most dangerous elements that plague standard storage units is water. Water itself won’t necessarily get inside the unit, but without the environmental regulation and ventilation of climate controlled units, a rainy day can create a muggy atmosphere inside your unit. Certain items can be damaged by this, such as upholstery, books, and wood, which will become warped, or start developing mold and mildew. At best, this can create an unpleasant smell that stains your belongings, and at worst can render them completely useless. A climate controlled unit will help prevent mold and mildew from damaging and ruining your valued belongings.

4. You’ll Have A Variety Of Storage Options

Our StoreEase storage facilities don’t suffer from a lack of options in climate controlled storage unit options. We recognize that no two customers have the same self storage needs, that’s why we offer a wide range of sizes anywhere from a small closet to an extra large commercial space. It all depends on what you need, but we wanted to ensure that no matter the size, climate control storage was an option for your spacing requirements. To get a better idea of what unit size is right for you, check out our unit size guide

5. There are Climate Controlled Vehicle Storage Options, Too!

From preservation to mold and mildew prevention, it’s worth noting that if your primary need for a unit is related to car storage, these can be some of the most important considerations in preserving your vehicle. Regardless of whether it’s a car, motorcycle, or ATV, if conditions aren’t right, especially over a long period of time, you risk the buildup of rust, or damage to the interior fabrics if the vehicle isn’t completely sealed. Fortunately, we offer enclosed climate controlled vehicle storage in a variety of sizes at select locations. Contact the StoreEase facility near you for more information.

Enjoy Self Storage with StoreEase

No matter what you are storing, or how much storage space you require, StoreEase will find a way to accommodate. With facilities located across the country, we pride ourselves on our quick, contactless rental service, and our top-of-the-industry security features, ensuring that your belongings are safe no matter the day or hour.

Get started, and find a StoreEase location near you today. We look forward to helping you find a stress-free self storage unit!