Tips and Tricks for a Successful Garage Sale

Feb 15, 2024
Garage sale items sitting out ready for purchase

How To Have the Best Garage Sale Ever

 Sometimes you might look around your house and realize you’re surrounded by a bunch of things you no longer need or use. However, just because you’re done with these items doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t love to lounge on that sofa or hang that artwork on their walls. Setting up a garage sale can be a great way to declutter your home while earning some extra money. This guide from StoreEase will help ensure you have the best garage sale ever.


Garage Sale Setup Ideas

 Garage sale shoppers will decide quickly if they should stop by your sale. Make sure to put interesting, eye-catching items in good shape at the entrance of your sale. Show people why it’s worth their time to stop, find parking, and spend time shopping.

 Essentially, your garage sale will function as a pop-up for customers who will shop in your driveway, front yard, and garage. It’s important to make your sale inviting, interesting, and easy to navigate. Don’t pile items too closely together and make sure that there is plenty of walking space, allowing them to browse.

 Make sure the items you’re selling are clean; no one wants to buy a dusty TV or torn-up books. If possible, hang clothes on hangers so that they’re easy for your customers to see and look through.

 Display your items in an attractive way. Remember that you’re hoping people will want to buy the items you’re no longer interested in or need, so you’ll need to show them why they should spend their money on these things. If you’re selling a sofa, chair, and coffee table, set them up as if they’re arranged in a living room, complete with knickknacks and artwork if possible. Show them how great these items will be in their own house!

 It can be time-consuming to write out price tags on every single item you want to sell. One way to make this process easier for you is to create a sign that applies to multiple items. For example, you might write that all books are $1 apiece, all DVDs are $2, and so on. You could also purchase colored stickers and assign each color a specific price to make it easy for customers to see how much different items cost.

A man places a garage sale sign with balloons on a street corner

Best Way To Advertise Your Garage Sale

A garage sale is only successful if customers show up to shop. There are many ways to ensure that people know about your sale and when it’s happening. Hanging up flyers and posters is a good way to alert would-be shoppers. Pick bold, bright colors and write legibly so the directions to and address of your sale are clear and easy to read. Consider hanging up signs a few days before the sale so that people are aware of it before the day the sale starts. You can hang up signs that have arrows pointing in the direction of your house to make it easy to find.

You can also post ads on neighborhood websites, apps, and social media pages which tell shoppers when and where the sale is happening. You could also post pictures or descriptions of what kind of items they can expect to find. Also, it never hurts to ask your neighbors to spread the word and tell their friends to stop by!

The Best Day for Garage Sales

Garage sales are usually best held on weekends, particularly Saturdays, as people are out and about looking for fun things to do. Consider starting early in the morning and ending in the mid-afternoon.

A women examining a few bowls at a garage sale

How To Price Garage Sale Items

It’s important to remember that people show up to garage sales expecting to find a good deal. Be sure to price items fairly to ensure that people will buy the items that you’re hoping to sell. Additionally, expect customers to haggle prices or ask if you’re willing to offer deals if they purchase multiple items; price these items a little higher if you’re ok with people offering lower prices. You’ll still earn the amount you want while your customers get a chance to name their price.

How To Have a Successful Garage Sale

Garage sales are fun because your customers are likely excited to show up. They’re often out on the weekend with their family and friends. You can increase the fun by offering free coffee, lemonade, or water. You might also have some holiday décor out to attract attention or design a theme and have you and your family wear themed outfits or costumes.

Shoppers will linger if they’re having a good time. Playing catchy music and greeting people kindly will ensure visitors feel comfortable and welcome, making them wander around your sale and see all of the items you’re selling.

People often stop by garage sales because they’re hoping to find something unique for their homes. Feel free to let people know the history of the items they’re looking at so that if they buy it, they’re aware of the back story of the furniture, artwork, or trinket they’re adding to their own collection.

Make sure that it’s easy for customers to pay for items. Many people who show up to a garage sale will know to bring cash with them. However, some customers may happen upon your sale spontaneously and may not have cash on hand. Consider allowing digital payments via an app to allow people to have alternate ways to pay for things.

How Storage Units Can Help With Garage Sales

Sometimes there might be some items that are cluttering your home that you might not be ready to part with just yet. Consider putting these items in a storage unit temporarily while you decide if you want to part with them or not.

Often a garage sale can be a great success, but you’re still left with some items that didn’t sell. Rather than bringing that clutter back into your home, pack it up and store it in a storage unit to save space—these items may end up making you some money the next time you or your friends have a garage sale! Contact StoreEase to learn about the storage options we have available for you, or find your nearest storage facility and rent online from StoreEase today

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