An Expert’s Guide to Huntsville, AL

Feb 15, 2024
View of downtown Huntsville, AL after dark

An Expert’s Guide to Huntsville, AL 

Huntsville recently grew to the largest city in Alabama. Along with its recent growth, it has a thriving culture, an industrial core rooted in high technology, several premier educational institutions, and many parks within the city limits. With all of these aspects supporting the city, it should come as no surprise that Huntsville was ranked as the best place to live by U.S. News and World Report. We’ve whittled the list of things to know and see in Huntsville down to the highlights.


Huntsville Activities 

There are a lot of different attractions and activities to do in Huntsville. With historic sites, parks, museums, and more, you can find something for everyone. If you’re an art lover, Huntsville has a robust visual and performing arts scene. Highlights of the arts include performances at The Orion Amphitheatre and the Huntsville Museum of Art. In addition, Huntsville has famous ties to NASA and space exploration.

United State Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL

Science and Technology 

The U.S. Space and Science Center, famous as the home to the original and only remaining Space Camp, can be found right off I-565 in south Huntsville, AL. You can also find NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the rest of Redstone Arsenal in the city. Huntsville prides itself on being the South’s premier STEM city with major research institutions, historic ties to NASA’s programs, and other research facilities such as Cummings Research Park.


Parks and Historic Sites

Along with Huntsville's deep ties to STEM fields, the city also features many parks and greenways. Big Spring Park in the middle of downtown Huntsville is one such greenspace built around a natural spring. Monte Sano Mountain is a large green area around Huntsville and is highlighted by Burritt on the Mountain, a notable mansion on the plateau, and Monte Sano State Park. You can find several hiking trails and campgrounds throughout the park area to take some time to enjoy the natural world.

A serving of BBQ ribs accompanied by a light beer

Huntsville Dining 

The South is well known around the country for its barbeque, and Huntsville is no exception. Boarhog’s Barbeque and Bar & Barrel BBQ are two popular spots for both locals and tourists. If you’re more interested in beer than barbeque, Huntsville features several great local breweries. You can also check out The Rocket City Brewfest in May for even more craft beer-tasting opportunities. Downtown Huntsville features many excellent coffee shops in addition to our breweries if beer isn’t for you.


Huntsville Local Life 

If you’re planning on more than just a visit to Huntsville, there are plenty of things you’ll need to know about the city. The good news is that Huntsville’s cost of living makes it one of the most affordable places to live in the U.S. The Alabama city features high-quality hospitals, major opportunities for job growth, and quality educational facilities.

A view down the railroad tracks at and old train depot in Huntsville, AL

Local Industries

Huntsville is a major player in several industries that form the foundation of the local economy. Space and defense with the presence of Redstone Arsenal is the most famous industry in Huntsville. Toyota also operates automobile manufacturing centers in the area and has since 2003. Cummings Research Park houses several for-profit and nonprofit companies focused on developing biotechnology. Several Fortune 500 companies also maintain operations in Huntsville to take advantage of its growing economy. With so many different industries having a strong presence in the city, there are plenty of opportunities to find work in your field or the field you’re interested in.


Higher Education 

You can find several major universities in Huntsville. The most prominent is The University of Alabama in Huntsville, which specializes in STEM-related fields, many of which are related to the local industries. Alabama A&M is on the north side of the city and is the oldest university in the city. Both universities have connections to the local science and engineering industries and especially with NASA programs. You can also find Oakwood University, a Seventh-Day Adventist university, near AL-53 on the north side of town. Huntsville offers a wide variety of higher education options for local residents.


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