Hide Your Christmas Gifts in Self Storage

In case you haven’t heard, it may be difficult to find that perfect Christmas gift this year. The supply chain has been hit by massive disruptions, and the news media is predicting a frustrating and disappointing holiday shopping season. Of course, the media loves the gloom and doom outlook, so you can ignore that.  Without getting into the morbid details, let’s just say that Christmas shopping is going to look a little different this year. 

Whatever the case, with an early start and a little shopping creativity, you should have no problem finding gifts that will please everyone on your list. If nothing else, consider subscription boxes. They are a unique gift featuring everything from “Carnivore Club” to “Monthly Date Night.” It’s not surprising that Amazon has 9,000 selections. 

Of course, for your littles, a subscription box won’t do. They started their list for Santa in August, and they’re still working on it. Your only problem is hiding gifts so that little prying eyes don’t find them

You need a strategy, or the stashing of gifts will become a logistical nightmare. Did you ever watch the kids opening gifts on Christmas morning and realize you forgot to put one or two of them under the tree, and you have no idea where they are? You’ll never forget the joy of watching your 4-year old daughter open your 15-year old’s Madden NFL 22. There may be some tears while you’re trying to remember where you hid My Little Pony’s Best Hair Day Princess. If you had hidden your gifts in a self storage unit, you wouldn’t be having this problem.

StoreEase to the rescue as your seasonal helper. Rent a convenient, secure, affordable self storage unit to use as ground zero for gifts. Our small sizes are perfect. You can use inexpensive shelving to keep the gifts off the ground, and you can even add a table to use for wrapping the presents. You don’t have to worry about making a long-term commitment to rent a unit, because we have flexible month-to-month leasing. 

Time to Party

Better yet, if you want to save money, rent a slightly larger unit and share it with neighbors. You can use the space for gifts and set up a wrapping station. Place a folding table with several tape dispensers and scissors in the unit. Better yet, plan a wrapping party, complete with eggnog and snacks. Wrapping paper, gift bags, and ribbon can be supplied by each renter. Be sure to designate separate spaces for each family’s gifts.

Choose The Right Storage Facility

If you’re going to use storage for your gifts, you need to find a facility that is secure and convenient.


At this time of year, you need to think about convenience. You’ll be stopping at the unit frequently, so you’ll need a facility in your neighborhood that is close to the places where you shop and run errands.


Cost is an important factor, but it shouldn’t be your only consideration. Find a reputable company with state-of-the-art security. Look for video surveillance, perimeter fencing, security locks, and electronic keypad access. You’ll also want a friendly, knowledgeable management team that is willing to answer your questions, understand your needs, and show you around the property.


As an additional advantage, many self-storage facilities accept deliveries. You can spend a day shopping on the internet and have all of your items shipped to your storage facility: the ultimate convenience.

Climate Control

If you live in an area that’s subject to extreme temperature fluctuations, whether hot or cold, opting for a climate-controlled unit will be better for you and your gifts. If you plan to share with friends and spend time wrapping gifts in the unit, you want to be comfortable and you want your gifts to be protected from damage or humidity. 


One last thought. Don’t forget to check with your insurance agent to verify that your gifts are covered under your homeowners’ or renters’ policy. If your policy does not cover these items, you can purchase insurance from your storage company. In addition, talk to the facility manager about an optional tenant protection plan.

Final Thoughts

You’ll be surprised at how much less stressful your life will be with a safe, comfortable hiding place for your gifts, especially if you bought one of the kids an electric ride-on car. You won’t have to store it in your neighbor’s living room for two months.  

Don’t forget to designate separate spaces for each family’s gifts. Or, your 95-year-old grandma might be opening your neighbor’s slinky jammies. Merry Christmas!