Home Organization Tips for New Parents

Soon-to-be parents writing a list to prepare for the baby

Everyone says to declutter your house when becoming a new parent, and it’s no wonder why. Babies will grab anything and everything they can get their hands on. They don’t care if the things they grab end up on the floor, are dangerous, breakable, or are connected to bigger and heavier objects. While child-proofing your home is essential, the easiest way to prevent an accident is to get rid of the dangers entirely.

How do you declutter your house when you don’t have a ton of time? Decluttering is not just tidying up; it is getting rid of or storing your possessions for the foreseeable future. That’s not something you can do in an afternoon. Decluttering isn’t all of it either. There is baby equipment, diapers, bottles, and more you have to invest in to prepare to have a baby.

It can seem overwhelming and if you and your significant other work jobs that cuts down on the time even more. As such, it is recommended to take an organized approach to decluttering your home and preparing for a baby.

Make a Checklist

It is really hard to declutter spontaneously and end up with a house ready for a baby. So, it is better to tackle the project strategically. Making a list of things to do helps and allows you to prioritize the things that need to get done before the baby arrives. Chances are, you won’t be able to declutter every nook in your home to befit a baby. Try to focus on the areas the baby will be in the most like, the nursery, kitchen, and sitting room. These will be hotspots for a baby to get in trouble and should be at the top of the list of areas to declutter.

Once you have figured out what areas need decluttering, figure out what potential hazards exist in that area, and start to think about what baby equipment you will need and where it will go. Remember to widen the walkways, get rid of excess furniture, and plan for having open spaces a toddler can explore. It is also recommended to have baby supplies in reach within these hot spot areas. It is a good practice to mark every potential object you plan to declutter as “storage,” “childproof,” “donate,” or “get rid of.”

While most people recommend the “get rid of” option, it is not always the best thing. For things that you can’t have in the house but don’t want to get rid of, storage is a great option. Self storage is a cheap and easy way to store these away for the time being and can keep you from having to downsize. Check to see if there are any of our locations near you.

Set a Schedule

Once you have a list, it is best to set a schedule for yourself. Figure out when you are expecting and how much time that leaves to declutter. Remember not to bite off more than you can chew because the only thing worse than the work is the stress. Also, leave some time at the end to set up the nursery and get baby supplies.

If the schedule seems rushed or you simply do not have enough time, you can temporarily rent a self storage unit to put these objects in so you can deal with them at a later date. If you need self storage quickly; we’ve got you covered. StoreEase offers a Two Minute Move-In® feature that makes renting with us painless and quick. See about personal storage here.

Woman sorting items into “keep,” “donate,” and “discard” boxes

Decluttering Your House

Once you have a plan and a schedule, you are free to start working down your checklist. It is recommended to put most everything that you aren’t childproofing in boxes so they are easy to transport. It is also recommended that you wait to donate, store, or get rid of things all at once so you don’t need to make multiple trips.

While you can often get rid of or donate objects with minimal effort, the objects you are putting into storage will take more time. Make sure your possessions are packaged and fragile items are wrapped. It is also best to have a plan when you store things, putting the things you might need later towards the front and the things you won’t in the back.

If you want more tips and tricks on how to store things effectively, check out our blog or our storage tips page. Once everything you don’t need is out of the house, it is time to start the final part of the process: childproofing.

Childproof Your House

Childproofing is a bit harder than just decluttering, as the solution is often more complicated than getting rid of or storing the object in question. You will need to analyze the potential dangers and come up with ways to protect the baby from them. Sometimes, that means investing in baby equipment and finding other ways to render the danger harmless.

Unfortunately, while the usual “buy plugs for all exposed outlets,” and “make sure there are no hanging cords” are great pieces of advice, a lot of childproofing is on a case-by-case basis, and you need to figure out what works for you. The solution might just be to keep the baby away or to reevaluate how important something is to your daily life.

A couple building a crib as they prepare for a baby

Prepare for the Baby

Now that the area where the nursery will go is decluttered it is time to set it up. Make sure it is spacious, hazard free, and well-organized. Try to have everything you would ever need in arms reach of the changing station and set up any monitoring system you would need. You will also need various things for the baby. Clear out space in the fridge for baby food, bottles, and more. Create “baskets” of baby supplies for most rooms. Buy diapers, wet naps, bibs, blankets, and more. If you have excess baby supplies, you can always store them in your self storage unit until you need them. This is great if you have things for older ages that won’t fit quite yet.

Take a Break

Remember to take breaks frequently and to relax. Having a baby is a joyous experience, and though it is nearly impossible not to stress in these circumstances, you can rest easier knowing that you are setting yourself up for success. We will be there to help where we can. StoreEase is a national self storage company operating in 14 states across the country. We offer quick storage options for all customers for any part of their life. Check to see if there is a StoreEase near you.