How Self Storage Can Help When Baby Proofing

New parents holding their baby with a crib in the background

Adding a new child to a family is an exciting time in anyone’s life. However, with that can come stress about how to keep a child safe and healthy in a new environment.

Baby-proofing is the act of eliminating possible risks and hazards to a young child in the environment they will be spending time in. Depending on the age and mobility of the child, this can mean different things.

Babyproofing Tips and Tricks

Initially, babyproofing may bring to mind things like putting locks on cabinets and drawers and setting up baby gates at the tops of staircases. You should also remember to put caps on electrical outlets and ensure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors are working properly.

Another important area to babyproof is the child’s bedroom. Buy furniture like changing tables with guard rails so the baby can’t roll off. Additionally, be careful of what bed or crib you choose so a small child can’t climb out and fall. One step of babyproofing that may seem daunting is moving bigger items or decorations out of the way of your new baby. Breakable items sitting out, sharp corners of furniture, items with long cords, and pieces of value such as antiques or collectibles are all potential items that could harm a young child.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it all. Thanks to StoreEase, you can simply put these items in a self storage unit until your little ones grow up a little bit more.

A Personal Storage Unit Is Perfect for a Transitional Time in Your Life.

Our storage units feature drive-up access, in-unit lighting, in-unit power, climate controlled units, carts and dollies available for use, humidity monitoring, moving and packing supplies, and more. This will allow you to easily move heavy furniture, precious antiques, and breakable items out of the way of potential damage to both the items and your child.

Having a young kid in the house doesn’t mean an end to your sense of style in the home. With some easy baby-proofing hacks and the use of a personal storage unit, you can protect your belongings and your child without throwing away your furniture.

StoreEase Is Here for You at Any Stage of Life.

Contact us today to find out how you can find the perfect size storage unit for all of your family’s needs. Whether you’re bringing a new baby home, storing out-of-season decorations, or just want to downsize your space, we have everything you need to make this season of your life easier.