How To Protect Your Outdoor Equipment From Winter Weather

A lawnmower covered in snow

Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes the cold and snowy weather everyone looks forward to… except your outdoor equipment. As the temperatures drop and the leaves turn from brown to a snowy white, it’s crucial to ensure your valuable outdoor possessions are shielded from the less enchanting aspects of winter.

At StoreEase Self Storage, we understand the importance of ensuring your lawn and garden tools, patio furniture, and recreational gear remain in excellent condition despite the harsh conditions. In this guide, we’ll provide essential tips and expert strategies for preparing, cleaning, and storing your outdoor possessions in the months ahead.

The Risks of Leaving Your Outdoor Equipment in the Cold

Leaving your outdoor equipment exposed to winter weather can pose significant risks such as:

  • Cold temperatures can lead to metal corrosion, plastic degradation, and rubber deterioration. Without adequate protection, the gaskets in your lawn mower or automotive tools and parts may fail. Batteries can also lose their charge in cold temperatures, so you may not be able to start crucial equipment such as flashlights or snowblowers.
  • Freezing and thawing cycles cause materials to contract and expand, resulting in cracks and structural damage. Patio furniture and holiday decorations can warp or even break entirely as freezing water puts stress on their weakest points, leaving you to pick up the pieces next spring.
  • Exposure to moisture can lead to rust and mold growth. Remember that it won’t be below freezing all winter long, and piles of snow and ice will quickly turn to puddles of mildew and pest-attracting water once they melt. Any furniture, gloves, tents, or other items made from cloth, wood, or leather are at significant risk of irreparable damage if not kept in a stable climate.

Preparing Your Tools, Furniture, and More for Winter Weather

Thorough cleaning is an essential first step before storing your outdoor equipment for the winter. Remove any dirt, debris, or residual substances from your tools and gear. For tools, consider sharpening blades and applying a light coat of oil to prevent rust. Wipe down and clean patio furniture meticulously, and for recreational gear, such as bicycles and lawnmowers, drain fuel tanks and store them in an organized manner. Finally, make sure all your equipment is dry and separated from sources of moisture to prevent damage from freezing.

Other steps you should take in preparation for winter storage include:

  • Inspecting items for existing damage
  • Removing batteries from tools and appliances
  • Emptying fluids from gas-powered equipment
  • Checking tires on wheeled vehicles and inflating them to the recommended pressure

The Importance of Climate-Controlled Storage

While we can’t stop the winter weather, StoreEase has a solution to keep all your outdoor equipment in peak condition throughout the season. With a climate-controlled storage unit, you can provide a stable environment for all your belongings, no matter the conditions outside. Whether it’s a calm, chilly day or the middle of a blizzard, everything in your climate-controlled storage units is kept at an ideal temperature range to preserve its quality throughout the winter.

Keep Your Equipment Ready for the Year Ahead With StoreEase

Our climate-controlled units are ready to help you keep your outdoor equipment ready all year long. Visit a facility near you to explore our climate-controlled storage options and find the right fit for you and your belongings with StoreEase, the smarter way to store.