Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothes

Autumn and winter tops are on hangers in a closet.

The cold, chilly months are (hopefully) behind us. It’s time to pack up those clothes and scarves. To save space in your closets, you can store your winter clothes in a storage unit when you don’t need them. Then, when winter hits again, you can conveniently get your cozy clothes out and swap them out with your shorts and tank tops.

By storing your winter clothes properly, you can ensure they remain in good condition. A storage unit at a StoreEase storage facility is an excellent solution to getting those bulky items out of your closet and freeing more space for summer clothes now that sunshine and high temperatures are on their way.

How To Pack Winter Clothes for Storage

When it comes time to pack your clothes for winter storage, you should take steps to avoid damage. Knowing how to store clothes in a storage unit can help keep them wrinkle-free and damage-free. Tips for winter clothing storage include the following:

  • Clean and dry your clothes completely
  • Choose plastic containers with airtight lids
  • Pack your clothes nicely in the storage containers
  • Don’t overstuff the containers
  • Label the outside of your storage containers
  • Place them in an organized manner in your storage unit

How To Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

When storing your clothes in a storage unit, it’s important to find a cool and dry location. Rent a climate controlled storage unit that can ensure your clothes stay in a more stable environment throughout the year.

Once you do so, you’ll find that there are several benefits to storing your winter clothes in self storage. You’ll have more space in your closet, first and foremost. And when those bulky coats, hats, and scarves are out of the way, they’re protected from being ripped or torn by accident, and you’ll have an easier time accessing your summer clothes.

When you store your clothes at StoreEase, we can provide safe and effective solutions for clothing storage all year long. It’s a convenient way to move your clothes back and forth each season. By storing them correctly in your unit, you can extend their lifetime and maintain their quality for longer.

Winter Clothes Storage at StoreEase

By knowing how to store your winter clothes in a storage unit, you can save space in your home and keep your clothing in good condition throughout the year. At StoreEase, we have many locations across the country, so you can find a convenient location near you.

At any one of our facilities, you can book a storage unit in just two minutes. So get packing those winter clothes and rent a storage unit near you today!