The Future of Storage: How Smart Technology is Revolutionizing Self Storage

Apr 22, 2024
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Forget the days of fumbling for keys and dealing with office hours. Those times are fading fast in the self storage industry. Thanks to Bluetooth, a wave of convenience and security is transforming the way people access their belongings. Read below to see how it affects renters like you.

Bluetooth's Big Impact

Traditionally, self storage relied on physical keys and keypad codes for renters to access their belongings. Modern self storage facilities are now equipped with smart locks that allow for more flexibility. Here’s how it helps renters like you:

  • Ease of Access: With a dedicated app, enabled with Bluetooth connection, StoreEase customers can unlock their storage unit directly from their phone. This extends operation hours at many storage facilities, allowing renters to have more flexibility in their schedules. Most StoreEase facilities are open 24/7 thanks to smartphone access.
  • Improved Security: New technology eliminates the risk of lost keys falling into the wrong hands. Facility managers can also grant temporary access for friends, family, or movers, so renters like you will know who has access to your storage unit at all times. Additionally, several storage units allow you to see who has accessed your unit and when, providing peace of mind that your unit is safe.
  • More Efficient Processes: Bringing new technology into the self storage space streamlines the rental process. Apps like the StoreEase app allow renters to sign up for a rental unit in as little as 2 minutes. Adding these updated processes to the renting process eliminates the need for key cutting and extra paperwork.

The Future of Self Storage

Bluetooth integration was the first step in transforming self storage processes. Many storage units are looking forward to future improvements that can be implemented and mainstreamed. See how new technology can transform your self storage experience:

  • Smart Unit Monitoring: Bluetooth-enabled sensors can track and adjust temperature and humidity within a unit. This will give tenants peace of mind and allow facilities to address potential issues proactively, keeping your belongings safe and in prime condition.
  • Delivery Integration: Renters may be able to seamlessly schedule deliveries directly to your storage unit. Paired with the already-available integrations for security, you could schedule delivery services and limit the delivery person’s access giving you more flexibility with your delivery times without risking the security of your belongings.
  • AI-Powered Suggestions: Storage facilities have been exploring the idea of virtual assistants for renters. These assistants could remind you when your rental agreement is up for renewal or offer packing tips based on the weather forecast. This level of personalization could save renters money that would have previously gone to high electricity bills or replacing belongings.

The Bottom Line

The self storage industry is embracing new technology like Bluetooth to make processes for renters more efficient and hassle-free. This shift signifies a move towards a more convenient, secure, and customer-centric future for self storage. Next time you need self storage, ditch the keys and long waits. StoreEase has embraced new technology to streamline your self storage process and has locations all over the country. Find the location closest to you! Your belongings and peace of mind will thank you for it.

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