The Minimalist’s Guide to Self Storage

High above view of eco-friendly products for kitchen including bamboo dishwashing brushes, towels, and jars in a drawer in a room with wooden floor

Moving towards a minimalist lifestyle can feel like a challenging task, but it can also be very exciting. While it’s relieving to declutter your belongings and let go of past belongings, getting to that point is easier said than done. After all, it’s important that you hold onto any valuable and sensitive belongings that you would regret getting rid of.

Renting self storage is a great way to downsize without losing any of your valuable items. StoreEase operates a wide-reaching network of storage facilities across the United States with several convenient options that can accommodate your needs. Our climate-controlled storage units are a great option for your sensitive items such as family heirlooms, photos, clothes, or other things made of fragile materials like leather, vinyl, or wood.

In this guide, our team at StoreEase will show you how self storage can help you as you successfully transition into a minimalist lifestyle. 

Minimalist Tips for Decluttering

Decluttering your home is a process that not only leads to a minimalist lifestyle but, according to Utah State University, can actually benefit your mental health. A clean space can boost your mood and help improve your productivity and motivation.

To properly declutter your home, it’s best to have a plan of action. There are many ways that you can clear out your space and determine what you don’t need, but the best piece of advice is to be prepared.

Labeled Boxes Decluttering Process

One decluttering process to consider is using labeled boxes to sort out items you want to keep, donate, or sell. Go through your items one-by-one to determine whether you want to keep each of your belongings or not. Sort them into labeled containers with where you plan to put each group of items. As you continue your personal storage journey, this will help you visualize your progress.

Consider Donating or Selling

For the things you don’t want to keep, do some research and see if it’s worth selling or simply donating. You may be able to get a little extra money by selling old items, including potentially electronics or appliances. You can also consider donating unused things to your local donation center or handing them down to a family member.

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

Many people believe that a minimalist lifestyle is simply not owning a lot of stuff. However, there’s actually much more to it; there are many more methods and tips to follow that can contribute to a minimalist lifestyle. These can range from changing your financial habits and patterns to better managing digital services.

Some examples of minimalist lifestyle methods that extend beyond physical items include:

  • Using sustainable items to avoid one-use products
  • Decluttering your digital subscriptions
  • Making a budget to limit your spending
  • Shopping quality and not quantity

Minimalist Storage Tips

Before you show up to move into your storage unit, start by organizing and storing some of your belongings at home! First and foremost, get as much off of your floor as possible. This will create more space in each room of your residence along with making the space feel much more open and navigable.

As you move around, you should also pay attention to places where items could be condensed, moved, or stored together. Whether you actually label boxes or simply make a mental list, organize the items you want to keep at home into distinct groups. Categorize each container by item type and see what opportunities there are to reduce space.

Rent Self Storage at Your Local StoreEase Location

For the best self storage options to help with your transition into a minimalist lifestyle, the choice is clear: come to StoreEase. With locations across the country, you’ll find our convenient and secure storage units to be an accessible and comfortable place to keep your extra things. Use our unit size guide to pinpoint exactly how much space you need to rent.

Rent or reserve self storage at your nearest StoreEase facility by contacting our team or browsing our available units online today! Still looking to learn more? Visit our storage tips page and FAQ for further info.