Things To Know When Moving to Little Rock, AR

Nighttime photo of a park in downtown Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR, the state capital, is tucked between the west gulf plain, the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, and the Ouachita mountains. Sitting south of the Arkansas River, the city derives its name from a small rock formation found on the bank of the river by a French explorer.

Originally, the stone formation was used as a landmark for travelers moving from the Mississippi Alluvial Plain into the Ouachita mountains. Eventually, it became a trade hub and grew into the city it is today. As a cultural hub of Arkansas and the south in general, there are many reasons why someone might want to move to the Rock.

The Weather in Little Rock

Little Rock tends to be a warmer place to live, having an average low that almost never dips below freezing and an average high that can reach into the upper 80s. Most of their year is spent in sunny weather, with a yearly average of over 200 sunny days. This means that outdoor activities are practically open year-round.

Being a southern state, they have very little snow, averaging only about four inches per year, which is 24 inches under the U.S. average. However, they get nearly double the average amount of rainfall. While some people like the rain, there is still a lot to look forward to, even while staying dry.

Things To Do in Little Rock

Little Rock is ranked in the top 100 cities to live in the United States and is the cultural center of Arkansas. Along with the great weather that allows for outdoor activities all year, Little Rock hosts many cultural attractions. There is the River Market, a venue where many famous musicians have played and which hosts events and concerts constantly. The Arkansas Arts Center, which also hosts a variety of events, is another place that has become a central hub of culture. Little Rock is also home to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, which performs concerts all over the state, and it provides a venue for up-and-coming stars to play with them.

The southern-style food in the city is exceptional. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants, sports bars, and more to choose from when you start to feel hungry. With many intercollegiate sports in the area, Friday and Saturday nights are always a wild and fun time at these restaurants.

With trails to hike, mountains next door, and plenty of places to swim, Little Rock is the perfect place to enjoy nature. With its weather, it is possible to do things outside all year round. Canoeing, hiking, and sports are all common occurrences in Little Rock.

Little Rock was originally inhabited by Native Americans, and the evidence of their culture can still be found in the museums and trails that surround the city. Of course, if you are a history buff, checking out Little Rock Central High School, where the Little Rock Nine attended, and finding their memorial at the state capitol will be a must-see. Yet to truly experience the roots of Little Rock, it will take a more permanent stay.

Central High School in Little Rock, AR

Places To Live in Little Rock

Little Rock is one of the best places to live in Arkansas. Not only is it a small city with a homey atmosphere and lovely people, but it is also easy to get a job and a home in a nice neighborhood. One of the benefits of living in a small city is that the selection of neighborhoods can range from a small-town feel to a big-city feel. Yet no place is far from excitement and necessities.

Many neighborhoods in Little Rock rank higher than most neighborhoods around the United States. These neighborhoods are often safe, with great access to quality schools and a wide range of diversity. Neighborhoods like River Mountain and Rock Creek rank as some of the best places in the country to raise a family.

The cost of living in Little Rock is relatively low, with studies showing it coming in below the national average in every major metric. Affording a house in a good neighborhood for you and your family is easy and stress-free. Given that Little Rock has one of the highest quality of life averages in the United States, it is almost too good to believe.

The One Drawback

The only thing that really holds Little Rock back from being the premiere place to live is its safety and crime rates. While, in most neighborhoods, this isn’t usually a problem, there are dangerous areas. These areas bring up the average crime rate and put the city into one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in America.

However, like in any city, learning about and avoiding rougher areas will keep you safe. Most of the neighborhoods are devoid of crime, and only in some downtown areas does this pick up substantially. While this might turn people away, Little Rock still stands as one of the best places to live as they have been passing reforms to help lower the crime rate.

Scenic view from atop a bluff in the Arkansas wilderness

Moving to Little Rock?

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