Tips for Moving to a Different State

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Whether it’s due to a new job opportunity, a family situation, or another life event, moving to a different state can be an exciting and challenging process. Not only are there logistics to juggle and last-minute plans to make, but it also gets expensive.

That’s why the self storage pros at StoreEase have created this guide for navigating the difficult parts of moving to a new state, including (but not limited to):

  • Finding a place to live in a different state
  • Packing, organizing, and moving to a different state
  • Budgeting for your move to a different state
  • Establishing residency at a new address in a different state

Research and Visit Your New State

First, if you haven’t already, get yourself pumped up for the move by traveling to where you’ll be living and learning more about its history, attractions, and fun facts. Look into local culture, activities, climate, cost of living, and other important factors to help you make informed decisions and prepare for the transition. Explore the neighborhoods, check out amenities, get a feel for the area, and get a good grasp on where you’d like to live.

Find Your New Home

Once you determine your budget and housing needs, narrow your search using online resources like Zillow,,, and other apartment listing websites. These can provide a comprehensive list of available rentals in various areas. Utilizing social media groups or community forums can be helpful, too—just be vigilant of scammers!

If you’re short on time and also want professional help, engage with real estate agents in the area to which you’re moving. They can help you find suitable apartments that meet your requirements and provide valuable insights about the local rental market.

Although it’s ideal to tour potential housing locations in person, it may not be possible with your time or budget constraints. In that case, schedule virtual tours or visits of the homes you’re interested in to get a good sense of the property. Many property managers now offer virtual tours through video calls or provide detailed videos and photos of the units.

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Plan Your Budget

Moving to a different state can be costly. Consider factors such as transportation, packing supplies, moving services, and potential changes in living costs. Create a budget to account for these expenses and avoid any financial surprises sneaking up on you.

How to Save Money Before a Move

Here are a few tips for budgeting and saving money before relocating to a new state:

  • Set a target savings goal after determining how much money you need to save for the move.
  • Track your daily expenses to identify areas where you can cut back.
  • Minimize non-essential expenses where possible, such as dining out, entertainment, and shopping.
  • Downsize by decluttering your belongings and selling unwanted items you no longer need.

Hire Reliable Movers

If you’re using professional movers, do thorough research and read reviews before making a decision. Obtain multiple quotes, check their credentials, and make sure they are licensed and insured. Depending on how far you’re moving and the help you’ll have available, renting a moving truck is another option that can provide more schedule and budget flexibility.

Organize and Declutter

Moving provides an excellent opportunity to declutter your belongings. Sort through your items and decide what to keep, sell, donate, or discard. The less you have to move, the easier and cheaper the process will be.

Notify Relevant Parties

Inform important parties of your move, including the postal service, utility companies, banks, insurance providers, and any subscriptions you have. Update your address with them to ensure a smooth transition.

Change Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration

Check the requirements for transferring your driver’s license and vehicle registration in your new state. This typically needs to be done within a specific time frame after moving.

Forward Your Mail

Set up mail forwarding with the postal service to make sure your mail reaches you at your new address. This will give you time to update your address with important contacts.

Man packing boxes as dog sits on chair and watches

Prepare to Move Pets

For those with pets who are preparing to move states, consider the following:

  • Update your pet’s identification tags and microchips with your new contact information.
  • Research and get familiar with pet regulations or requirements in your new location regarding vaccinations, licensing, or breed restrictions.
  • Pack a separate bag with essential items for your pet—including food, water, medication (if applicable), toys, bedding, and any comfort items they may need during the journey and initial days in the new home.
  • Secure and pet-proof your new home before moving them in by removing any hazards, securing loose wires or toxic substances, etc.
  • Give your pet time to adjust by providing plenty of love, attention, and reassurance to help them feel secure.

Get to Know Your New Community

Once you’ve moved, make an effort to get involved in your new community. Join local groups, attend community events, and meet new people. This will help you settle in and make new connections.

In general, remember to give yourself time to adjust to your new surroundings. Moving to a different state can be a big change, but with proper planning and organization you can make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

Use Self Storage for Additional Space

Keeping in mind helpful packing and storage tips, take advantage of a storage unit at your local facility to streamline your move. For instance, you can move some things to your new city prior to the actual moving day or store belongings there long term.

Make Your Transition Seamless with Self Storage

Could you use some extra room during or after your big move? With StoreEase, you can rent or reserve a storage unit online at a location close to you. Get started today, and contact your local facility with any questions or concerns!