Where to Store Your Vehicle: Storage Unit vs. Garage

A car being stored in a garage with the door half down.

Keeping a car on the street or even in a driveway won’t meet all your needs if you’re going on vacation or you’ve purchased the vehicle of a lifetime. Leaving it exposed to the weather for extended periods could lead to damage that could cost you thousands. Your vehicle will stay pristine when you take care of it, and proper storage is a massive step in the right direction.

Storing your vehicle can prevent theft or environmental damage and it helps you maintain good maintenance and provide more space in your garage. StoreEase is here to help you learn why storing your car indoors is worth it and how proper storage will benefit you.

Why Store Your Vehicle

Man opening the door to their garage.

Storing your vehicle in a self storage unit can help protect your vehicle agaisnt sun damage and maintain mint tire condition. If you love your car or just want to keep it in good condition, not storing it will cause multiple issues to pop up.

Here’s what can happen to your vehicle if it isn’t stored properly:

  • Theft: Exposure to the street allows easy access to a vehicle and increases the possibility of a break-in, even if it’s in a driveway.
  • Sun damage: Continual exposure to the sun will negatively impact your car’s paint, dashboard, and upholstery.
  • Extreme heat: High temperatures cause damage to the appearance of the car and the battery while also impacting the tire pressure causing them to overinflate.
  • Intense cold: Low temperatures can decrease the car battery’s capacity, thicken fluids, and reduce tire pressure to underinflate.
  • Vehicle lifespan and performance: If a car is consistently stationary in the sun, heat, cold, humidity, and other weather elements, the performance can decrease internally and damage the visual appearance hurting its lifespan and appeal.

Storing in Self-Storage

If you’re going on an extended vacation, don’t have space in your garage, or maybe don’t even have a garage, a self storage unit is the perfect solution for your vehicle! Indoor vehicle storage is typically thought of as a personal garage, but putting your car in a storage unit is more normal than you think.

Check out the variety of storage options at StoreEase as well as our list of pros and cons for keeping your car in self storage.


  • Security
  • Climate control
  • Vehicle preservation
  • More storage space at home
  • Long-term storage for vacations
  • Reduced insurance (some insurances offer lower premiums for cars stored in secure locations)


  • Not immediately accessible
  • Costs money
  • Damage if the car is left unattended for long periods of time

Storing In Your Garage

If you’re mustering up the energy to clean out your garage or maybe even build one, your car will appreciate it later. A personal garage fulfills the average needs of car owners, so here’s a list of pros and cons for DIY garage storage.


  • Quick access
  • Easy maintenance
  • Convenience
  • Vehicle preservation


  • Less personal storage space
  • Lack of climate control
  • Poor ventilation
  • Lack of security

Extra Tips for Vehicle Storage

Whether you’re using a personal garage or self storage, there are a few key elements to returning your vehicle to the car you remember. No matter where your vehicle is, here are extra tips for how you prep your car for storage:

  • Clean out the car: Remove any food, trash, coffee cups, chapsticks, old water bottles, etc. Not only will certain things melt in the heat, but you don’t want to return to a stinky car.
  • Disconnect the battery: Disconnecting the battery will stop it from draining the car so it turns on when you come back to it.
  • Raise the car: If you have a garage set in a lower area, raising the car will prevent water damage and flat tires.

Ideas for Your Empty Garage

A garage that has been turned into a workshop

Moving your vehicle out of your personal garage frees up quite a bit of space. With this being said, here are some ideas for what you can do with that newly acquired space:

  • Workshop: If you like to tinker, you can turn your garage into a workshop. This is a great place to fix things, build things, or make things.
  • Home office: If you work from home, you can use your garage as a home office. This is a quiet place where you can focus on your work without distractions.
  • Hobby room: Do you need a dedicated space for your art, reading, or other hobbies you’re passionate about? Your garage could be the perfect place as it is spacious and can be a quiet, peaceful space.
  • Game room: If you want a place to relax and have fun, you can turn your garage into a game room. This is a great place to play games, watch movies, or just hang out.

Reserve Vehicle Storage With StoreEase Today

Leaving your car to fend for itself against the weather, even if it has snow tires or bulletproof glass, doesn’t end well. Consider your needs, budget, desires, and long-term goals for the vehicle. If it’s worth it, declutter that garage, get that storage unit, and invest in the life of your vehicle.

If you don’t have the space in your garage or don’t even have a garage, then a self storage unit can provide your vehicle with an added layer of protection against the weather. By following these tips provided by StoreEase, you can ensure that your car is stored appropriately and to your satisfaction. Find a location close to you to get your vehicle into the environment it deserves today.