Why Your College Student Needs Self Storage

If you’re currently the proud parent of a college student you’ve undoubtedly noticed by now that your student returns home every summer with lots more junk than he or she left with. If you’re a newbie to the college experience, you aren’t quite ready to think about next summer. You’re crying too hard to think about next week. Believe it or not, however, when you pack up your baby to come home next summer, you’ll cry again – but not for the same reason.

Your student has spent the year accumulating unfamiliar items to add to the already massive amount of things needing to be packed up and moved. It’s exhausting and, as the years progress, it doesn’t get any easier. Once you arrive home, of course, you have to unpack the car and find a place to store all of this stuff. You’re exhausted and your space is exhausted. It’s time to find a solution.

Self Storage to the Rescue

You could stuff your garage, attic, and spare bedrooms with all of this stuff.  Then, of course, you have the problem of what to do with the items that are currently stored in those areas? 

It should only take you a month or two to sort through them and figure out where to put them. As far as spare bedrooms, you’re not really in the mood for guests anyway (this may be the only upside to storing stuff in these rooms).

What you really need is a self-storage unit in a facility that is secure, affordable, and close to campus.

In case you’re not sold yet, here are a few reasons to convince you that self-storage is the perfect solution:

  • Space: This is a big one. Dorm rooms are cramped. It’s great to have a place to store extra books and off-season clothing, not to mention any other strange things they may have accumulated while away at school. We prefer not to mention them.
  • Flexibility: Most self storage facilities offer flexible month-to-month leasing. You’ll be able to rent on your schedule without the hassle of a long-term commitment.
  • Travel or Study Abroad: The opportunity to travel or study in a foreign country is incredible, but what about the stuff? Instead of packing everything up and moving it home, consider renting a storage unit. Self storage has enough space to accommodate all the dorm room/apartment furniture and belongings.
  • Security: It is an understatement to say that most college-age students can be careless. Any items that they don’t use regularly will be far more secure in a safely locked storage unit than in their dorm or the trunk of their friend’s car. Additionally, storing furniture and valuables at a storage facility during summer break provides a level of safety not found in a locked apartment that is abandoned until school starts again.
  • Savings:  The cost and inconvenience of moving the stuff to and from home between semesters and over the summer for four – to who knows how many – years will far exceed the cost of storage.

Now that you know why storage works for your students, here are a few tips to help you keep them as safe as their possessions.

Keep Your Students as Safe as Their Possessions

Let’s talk about finding the right storage facility to not only keep the possessions safe but to keep the students safe. 

As shocking as this might sound, college students don’t always have the best judgment, and cautious behavior is not typically a priority. It’s probably a good idea if you choose the storage facility.

You never know when your student will decide to drive to the storage unit at 3:00 a.m. to look for that misplaced textbook that they haven’t cracked open since September or to find that cute outfit that is buried at the bottom of the “miscellaneous” box. This is why you need a safe facility. For more info on how to find the best self storage facility for your needs, check out How to Choose a Storage Facility

Look for Layers of Security

  • A facility in a safe, convenient location
  • A clean and well-maintained facility
  • Well lit property
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Gates equipped with electronic access 
  • Twenty-four-hour video surveillance
  • An indoor unit with keypad access
  • On-site and/or resident managers
  • Purchase a good lock that fits your budget and is easily accessible

Remind your student not to share his or her gate code with anyone but you. As mentioned above, college students are not known for their good judgment.

Summing Up

Be thoughtful when choosing a storage facility, and don’t worry, or at least try not to. There are numerous safe, clean, and secure storage facilities with plenty of amenities. You won’t have trouble finding a good one. Your student might even thank you!