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Everything you Need to Know About Renting Storage

Generally, additional storage space never crosses your mind until you start running out of room. There is not much thought put into where you’re going to store your belongings because you scramble for any storage space you can find. When preparing for a big move, it is important to have everything in check for things to run smoothly. At StoreEase, we want to provide as much help as possible for a smooth process. Start making your life easier and read a few of our storage tips and tricks for additional help.

Gather Materials

The first thing to consider when preparing for your big move is the materials needed. Begin by estimating the number of boxes you think you’ll need, packing materials (packing paper, bubble cushioning rolls), tape, markers, and so on. You will want to get brand-new boxes to be sure they are sturdy enough to hold your belongings.


It’s important to keep track of the items going into your storage unit, so creating an inventory will allow you to know what you have stored away. Once you create this list, keep it in a safe place away from your storage unit so you can go back to identify which items you may need access to in the future.

Preparing Your Space

To prepare your space, begin by measuring and estimating the packing size of everything you will store. Once you know where things will go within the unit, place furniture pads and coverings on the floor of your unit to prevent your items from being on the ground. 

Arrange Boxes

When you’re putting boxes into your storage unit, you’ll want to think about arranging for easy access. You can place more fragile items on top of boxes packed with heavier, sturdier items. Place items you need access to more frequently in the front of your storage unit.  

Take Advantage of Extra Space

Utilizing extra space when storing your items is important to make the most of all your space. You can take advantage of furniture with drawers as a place to store smaller items. Wrap these items in packing supplies, tablecloths, or towels to prevent breakage.

Wrap Your Fragile Items

Any items prone to breaking should be protected and wrapped with packing paper in sturdy boxes. You can stack these wrapped breakables on top of each other, and the box should always be marked “FRAGILE” so everyone knows to handle them with care. 

Appliances and Electronics

When you store large appliances or electronics in your storage unit, using blankets, towels, bedding, and even heavy clothing make for great protection. To prevent additional damage, place your TV and other large electronics toward the back of your unit. 

Storing Furniture

You can store large furniture items such as sofas and love seats on end to save floor space. To keep your furniture neat and clean, wrap cushions in furniture covers. You should also wrap the furniture legs in covers or pads to prevent damage to those as well.  

Beds and Mattresses

Mattresses can be stored in your unit very efficiently by propping them up on their sides to keep them standing straight. That way, it prevents them from becoming deformed and keeps them out of the way. 

When you break down a bed frame, keep track of all the small parts and place them in a bag, attaching them to the frame. 

Metal Items 

When you store items such as bikes, tables, and tools made of metal, you must wipe them down with machine oil to prevent rust. This will help keep them looking good as new after hanging out in a storage unit for a long time.

Hazardous Items and Materials

Storing flammable, hazardous, or combustible materials is prohibited in storage units. If you store lawn mowers, snowblowers, or any other equipment, be sure to drain the fuel from the machines. 

Storage Unit Features

At StoreEase, we go the extra mile to provide our customers with a well-rounded storage experience from start to finish. From our 100% contactless storage rental process to our convenient storage features, we’re here to provide you with the storage solutions fit for you.  Here are some of those features to consider when renting at StoreEase.

Indoor storage

Our indoor storage units feature wide aisles and walkways making it easy to transport your belongings to your unit. Because they are indoor, they provide shelter and comfort while visiting your storage during hot summers and cold winters.

Drive-Up Storage

For quick and easy access to your storage unit, rent one of our many ground-level drive-up storage units. With drive-up access, you’ll be able to park your moving truck right next to your unit for painless loading and unloading.

Climate Controlled Storage

When the weather becomes unpredictable, rely on our climate controlled storage units to protect your temperature-sensitive belongings from cracking, melting, and warping in extremely hot and cold temperatures. Some of our storage units also feature humidity monitoring to ensure humidity levels aren’t too high.

Car Storage Features

At StoreEase, we offer three different types of vehicle storage options: enclosed parking, covered parking, and uncovered parking. 

  • Enclosed parking: similar to a garage stall, these units are completely covered and enclosed. Select units are equipped with in-unit lighting, climate control, and come with a handy garage door opener.
  • Covered parking: these outdoor units feature a roof covering that helps protect your vehicle from rain, snow, hail, sun, and other debris.
  • Uncovered parking: these units are your standard pull-through parking spaces great for clearing space off of your driveway or sidewalk.

Commercial Storage Features

Large Commercial Storage Units

Whether you need a place to temporarily store office desks and equipment or extra space to store and organize your business inventory, we’ve got you covered. With extra large and warehouse storage units ranging in size from 10×30 to 34×60, you’ll have the space you need to keep your business flowing.

Office Space

In addition to our commercial storage units, we also offer office spaces available for rent at select facilities. Some of the features our commercial tenants enjoy include:

  • Delivery acceptance
  • 24-hour access
  • Free WiFi
  • And more

Security Features

Along with competitive pricing and convenience, we also like to provide our customers with peace of mind when storing belongings at one of our StoreEase facilities. Our storage facilities are equipped with advanced security measures such as:

  • Digital video recording
  • Electric gate with individual keypad access
  • Fully fenced and gated property
  • Clean, well-lit property

Other Convenient Facility Amenities

It doesn’t stop there, other amenities our customers enjoy include: 

  • Access 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Moving carts and dollies available for free onsite use
  • Online account management and payments
  • Moving and packing supplies available for purchase

Rent a Storage Unit With StoreEase Today! 

At StoreEase, we know moving and storing items is a challenge. With these tips and tricks, we hope to ease your experience when you store your belongings with us today! Get started with your storage journey and visit our location page to find a facility near you.  

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