Tips for Storing Antiques & Heirlooms

Feb 15, 2024
Antiques and heirlooms stacked and lined up, ready for storage

How To Properly Store Antiques and Heirlooms

 Antiques and family heirlooms are special belongings you want to keep around for as long as possible. As they get older, they require more care and consideration and become more fragile over time. If you find yourself storing your antiques and heirlooms in a self storage unit, it is essential that you store them properly to avoid damage. In this blog, we’ll explore how to protect furniture in storage, how to wrap furniture for storage, and how a climate-controlled unit with StoreEase can help preserve old furniture.


Prepare Your Furniture, Antiques, and Heirlooms

 Before you send your belongings to a self storage unit, you should properly prepare them for storage first. The way you prepare your belongings depends on the type of items. For anything that is made of fabric or has fabric elements, wrap them in acid-free paper or put them in acid-free boxes. Acid-free paper and boxes help protect the fabric from acidic substances that might deteriorate it. For wooden furniture, be sure to clean the wood using a gentle dish soap and water to remove any dirt or dust. It’s important to dry the wood immediately after to avoid mold. After the furniture is completely dry, you’ll want to wrap it.


How To Wrap Furniture For Storage

 To help protect your furniture, you need to properly wrap it before storing them. Start by removing any legs or drawers that can be removed. Then wrap each piece individually using bubble wrap. For larger pieces, you can use a moving blanket or a large, heavy cloth to wrap them in. Try to keep like pieces nearby to avoid losing or misplacing them.

 If preparing a piece of furniture for storage involves unscrewing any hardware, a good tip is to put those screws or bolts into a Ziploc bag and tape it somewhere safe on the piece of furniture. That way, when it comes time to reassemble it, you’ll have everything you need.


Preserve Old Furniture With Climate Control

 Old furniture, antiques, and heirlooms can suffer damage when stored in humid places over a long period of time. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of climate-controlled storage units. Climate-controlled storage units at StoreEase are kept at consistent temperatures throughout the year to help protect your sensitive belongings from extreme temperatures. Many of our facilities also offer humidity control for an extra layer of protection for your antiques and heirlooms.

 When searching for heirloom storage, StoreEase has you covered. With top-notch security features, state-of-the-art storage features, and affordable rates, storing your antiques and family heirlooms is as easy as ever. Find a facility near you and get started with your hassle-free storage today!


Disclaimer: Any self storage facility is an inappropriate place for storage of irreplaceable items such as books, writings, objects of unknown immediate resale value or high market value, or objects that have a special or emotional value. Renters assume all risks of loss or damage when storing items in self storage facilities.


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