Ways Self Storage Can Help With Spring Cleaning

A woman holds up a striped t-shirt while holding several more in another arm, deciding if she will keep it.

Spring is a great time to declutter your home and give it a thorough cleaning. From top to bottom, having a home that’s refreshed is a great way to welcome the warm weather that’s soon to come. But spring cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if you have quite a bit of clutter and disorganization to sort through.

Instead of throwing out the belongings you still may want or need, rent a self storage unit! You can clean up the space in your home and complete this year’s spring declutter with the help of a storage unit at a StoreEase facility near you. By providing a safe and secure place to store your items, you can get the clutter out of your way, whether that’s just for a little while or as a long-term storage solution.

Make the task less intimidating with a storage unit and our expert spring cleaning tips. Once you know how to declutter your home like a pro, you’ll be eager as ever to get started!

How a Self-Storage Unit Can Help With Your Spring Cleaning

Wooden shelf in a garage is piled with various clutter and surrounded by more mess

Spring cleaning provides you with a great opportunity to declutter and start fresh. A spring declutter can help you feel refreshed and organized in the summer months, and it frees your mind to fully enjoy those sunshine activities.

By using a self storage unit, you can have an organized home that feels like a totally new start without actually having to part with hardly anything you own.

Potential benefits of using a self storage unit to help with your spring cleaning declutter include:

  • Clear out the mess: if you have what feels like a lot of junk lying around but you don’t want to throw it all out, you can simply stash it into a box and throw it into a storage unit at a StoreEase facility.
  • Make space for cleaning: Extra furniture or boxes around your house can make cleaning difficult. While you do your spring cleaning, temporarily clear the room by relocating these items into storage.
  • Provide a home for seasonal items: When spring begins, you can put your cold weather gear behind you. To free up space in your home, store winter sleds, coats, and boots in your storage unit. When you’re ready to dig them back out next winter, you can conveniently retrieve them from your unit.
  • Keep your sentimental items safe: Those sentimental items of yours don’t have to be at risk of damage during your spring declutter. Rent a climate controlled storage unit to give them added protection while they’re away from home.
  • Tidy your office: After sifting through your filing cabinets, you might realize you have several essential documents on hand that need to be kept as records for the future. Put them into a storage unit to free up some of the room in your home office.
  • Organize your garage: The garage is a landing site for all sorts of outdoor equipment, including sports gear and lawn care tools. When you’re between seasons, put them into storage and give your car a little more wiggle room.

And that’s just the start of all the ways a storage unit can benefit your home. A little additional space can go a long way, whether that’s just for your spring cleaning project or for the many seasons to come.

Spring Cleaning Tips on How to Declutter Your Home

To get the best use out of your time, follow these decluttering tips on how to reorganize your space.

  • Make a list of what you want to accomplish.
  • Tackle one room at a time.
  • Categorize items based on what you want to keep, sell, donate, and move to your storage unit.
  • Bring all the items to their respective places. For example, donations go to the donation center, and the storage items go to your storage unit.
  • Make sure that everything you keep has a place.

One of the most beneficial steps you can take when spring cleaning includes renting a storage unit. It can help to declutter your home by relocating those items that get in your way. When you bring items to the storage unit, make sure that you label and organize them so you can easily find them later.

Declutter This Spring With a Self-Storage Unit at StoreEase

A man uses a roll of packing tape to seal a cardboard box.

When you have items that you want to keep but aren’t quite sure what to do with them, a self storage unit is a perfect place. Look for a facility with climate controlled storage and high-quality security features.

At StoreEase, many of our storage facilities offer those features and more. Regardless of how much you need to store in your unit, we have available units of differing sizes that can hold it all.

StoreEase offers smart, safe, and simple solutions that revolutionize the way you experience storage. You can rent your unit online and move in fast. We protect our facility with state-of-the-art technology, so you won’t have to worry about your belongings. Find a location near you to help with your spring cleaning declutter!